Why TELUGU Industry is giving the MORE SUPPORT to the ''BAHUBALI''

The Movie bah1ubali has become a prestigious project to the telugu industry till now no movie in the telugu industry have entered in to the billion dollar club in the budget  since this is the first movie each and every person in the Telugu Industry has taken bahubali as very important one for this i can give an example i.e Super star Mahesh babu has to release his Movie Srimanthudu 10th July 2015 but since he is also eagerly  waiting for the movie Bahubali form  two past so he also given his support by post pone his movie for week and the movie release date was 18th July 2015. So every person from the technician to the top most person in the all world who ever knows about bahubali were eagerly waiting for the this movie. Day before yesterday Rajamouali, Allu Arvind, Rana and few other VIP’s and producers in the telugu industry meet in a pr! ess meet to fight against Piracy that means every producer in the telugu industry are supporting the movie Bahubali in massive positive way why because since this project got started from that time till now there is 5:2 ratio positive and negative publicity is going on so lets hope this movie to break the all time industry records and Join in the “Billion Dollar Club in the World  Wide” and one day to come in to the theaters .