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Ardor Movie Release on 17th July 2015

A mysterious man emerges from the Argentinean rainforest to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a poor farmer after mercenaries murder her father and take over his property.

When fires sweep through the rainforest near their property along the Parana River, a poor tobacco-farming family goes on high alert. The head of the family, João (Chico Díaz), correctly suspects the fire is a result of slash-and-burn tactics by ruthless land-grabbers intent on acquiring the farm he shares with his lovely daughter, Vânia (Braga), and her partner, Jara (Lautaro Vilo). Help arrives in the form of Kaí (García Bernal), an enigmatic man bearing indigenous tattoos who comes out of the jungle with the grace of a jaguar.

Director: Pablo Fendrik
Casting: Alice Braga, Gael Garcia Bernal, C! laudio Tolcachir, Jorge Sesan, Chico Diaz, Ivan Steinhardt, Julian Tello, Lautaro Vilo
Producer: Vania Catani, Pablo Cruz, Gael Garcia Bernal and others
Cinematography: Julian Apezteguia