RingEye Application for Android

Tired of your phone getting lost all the time when its in silent or vibration modes?

Tired of overcharging your battery all the time ?want to know when you battery will react the % you require?

Now u dont need to worry anymore b'cause RingEye is here worry

****** Features ******

Set your phone mode to general/silent/vibrate just with a sms. All u need is to set a code for each mode and then send the  code as message from another mobile to your mobile immeditely the mode in your mobile will swtich to the mode which has been specified in the app settings

To improve yout battery life, unplugging the charger is mandatory once it has been fully charged. So now set an alarm for the level of battery you want to get notified & when your battery reaches set lever of charege you have specified the RINGEYE will give out an alarm

Screenshots :