RGV's new film : Reddy Garu Poyaru

Director Ramgopal Varma has maintained 100 per cent success rate during the first ten years of his career. But, now it just dropped to just 5-10 per cent. However, he manages to create enough curiosity about his films with some controversial title or subject or even a poster, but at the end it also listed in his innumerous dud films. Yet, people never lost confidence in him and in his talents. They wait for a great film from him that carries his mark. Now, coming one has a peculiar title-‘Reddygaru Poyaru’ with a sub title ‘Politics Anedhi Nijamayina Pachchi Abaddam.’

Recently, he released the first look poster of this movie, but not revealed any details about this movie or about its current status. What he reveals is that the movie will be releasing just before elections, means around April-May. Lets hope RGV hits back hard with this film