OM is in par with Hollywood standard, says Superstart Rajini Kanth

Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram has a reason to be very happy. His film ‘Om’ which is the first action film made in 3D format in India, has been blessed by Kollywood super star Rajnikanth.

Rajnikanth, who normally avoid speaking about upcoming films, for the first time has praised this ‘Om’ movie for its high end technology, marvelous action scenes played by Kalyan Ram, fight-compositions and the gripping screen play. He said “This is one of the best commercial movies that I have seen in the recent times. I am very much impressed with everything of this movie. It is made in par with Hollywood standards. Earlier, I have seen Hollywood movie ‘Avatar’ movie in 3D format. Now again viewed this Indian movie ‘Om’ made with same standards. I wish the film becomes a big hit.” Rajini Kanth have also brought remake rights for the script

Kalyan Ram speaking to media has said “I am extremely happy to know that my film has impressed none other than the legendary actor Rajnikanth. I feel as if I am blessed by my grand father NTR. I am quite sure this film will becomes a sensational hit and creates a new record in the industry.”

Sunil Reddy has penned the story and also handled screen play and Direction of this movie. Nandamuri Taraka Adwita is the producer of this film made under NTR Arts banner. This film is releasing on July 19th worldwide.