Venkatesh’s to do a Silent Film

Venkatesh has been struggling for a hit since a longtime. But, unfortunately even his latest released film ‘Shadow’ also disappoints him very much. So, he plans to try some thing different with his next film.

He is quite impressed with the story line said by the director G.Ashok and gave his nod for the film. It is a silent movie. The concept of the film is very interesting. All the 17 characters in this movie can talk like any normal persons, but some circumstances force them all to shut their mouths. Hence, the film would be laughing rite for the audiences.

Currently, Venkatesh is doing a super hit Hindi remake film ‘Bol Bachchan’ into Telugu. Venkatesh and Ram are co-staring in this movie directed by Vijay Bhaskar.  and Ashok is busy wrapping-up his Sukumarudu’ film. Once, they both complete their present tasks, will start their experimental film.