Boyapati suggests new title for Ruler

Balakrishna and Boyapati Sreenu’s next project which has been publicized as ‘Ruler’ will have a new title as ‘Jaya Simha.’ Boyapati, who finds it difficult to obtain ‘Ruler’ title from producer KS Rama rao, has suggested this new title to Balakrishna, for which he said to be agreed. They both liked it, because it also resembles with their super hit movie ‘Simha.’ They hope that this ‘Jaya Simha’ title may bring them luck again. KS Rama rao has registered ‘Ruler’ title long ago, but was unable to start the movie due to many reasons. However, he is not willing to transfer this title to Boyapati’s film, because he had some differences with him after making ‘Dammu’ film in his direction, which bombed at box office and lands him financial troubles. KS Rama rao is planning to make a film with Ram Charan Tej, for which he wants to use this title.