Viswaroopam Finally Release on 7th

After crossing all the hurdles laid by film distributors, theater owners, politicians, Muslim leaders of his home state Tamilnadu state, finally Kamal Hassan was able to declare a date for his dream project Viswaroopam. The Tamil version of the film is releasing on February 7th through out the Tamilnadu state. The talks with Muslim organizations were fruitful and they have withdrawn all the complaints made against him and his film after he agreed to remove 7 scenes from the film.
During this odd time of frustration, he had pleasant surprises showered on him in the form of Cheques and DDs from all over the country, wishing to overcome his financial problems. Visibly shaken with the love and affection shown by the people, Kamal Hassan thanked everyone for extending their support in times of need. He said he is returning the Cheques and DDs to the concerned persons as he can overcome his financial problems with the release of the Tamil version. He thanked one and all for extending their support and for their love and affection shown for him.

Indeed, it would be unpredictable climax for him to receive so much love and affection from the people across the country, at a time when he was so frustrated and decides to leave the country for the annoyance by some of his own people in his home state.