Nandini Reddy upset with Censor Cuts for Jabardast

Director Nandini Reddy’s latest film ‘Jabardast’ has received U/A certificate, but couldn’t escape the scissoring of several scenes of her film by Censor Board, which further annoyed her by suggesting some changes in the lyrics of her ‘Alla..Allaa’ song.

She said “I don’t understand what is wrong with ‘Alla..allaa’ words in the songs, which were used by many in the past and in present films. I think if they could publish a handbook giving guidelines on how to make films and about the list of words, phrases, scenes that they believe not to used in the films, it will be helpful for us. We become victims of their over enthusiasm. I don’t understand, why they scissored so many scenes from my film. They are intruding into our space and playing spoilsport for our films. If, they continue same practice, no doubt one day we have to close our industry and find some other job for ourselves.”

Tollywood lover boy Siddarth and Samantha have played lead roles in film ‘Jabardast,’  produced by Bellam Konda Suresh made under Sri Sai Ganesh Productions banner. The film is all set to release on February 22nd.