Kamal Exclusive Press Meet Video

The single judge bench of the Madras High Court has stayed the TN government’s decision of banning the ‘Viswaroopam’ film for 2 weeks in the state. However, when the government has filed another petition challenging the decision in the High Court bench today, Kamal Hassan virtually breaks apart. He couldn’t release his film even today despite getting court’s verdict in his favour, because of the government’s decision.

Addressing a press meet he said “The delay in release of the film unbalances my financial condition. Therefore, I am forced to sell my house and some properties to come out of the debts. Yet, the government is trying to chase me out of the state as if I am it’s enemy. I become a scapegoat in the state political games. Though, I have no intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings, my film was branded as anti social and unfit for the screening in the state. It appears, I have to take asylum in other state. Even then, if can’t find in our country, then I have to run for life to some foreign country just like painter MF Hussein went in the past. However, I am still very hopeful that our social tolerance in the country is very high and allows my film release soon.”

To Quote : "After (all) this I will have to seek a secular state for me to stay in – from Kashmir to Kerala – excluding Tamil Nadu.If I cannot find in India, I will find hopefully another country that is secular. Hussain had to do it, Haasan will do it. "

Watch the exclusive press meet :