The reasons behind Damarukam's postpone

The release of Damarukam was a never before seen scenario in Telugu industry.  Last few days have seen tremendous confusion among film enthusiasts regarding the release of Nagarjuna’s first socio fantasy entertainer. The actual story behind is rather simple. RR Movie makers, the producers of the movie are in severe debts. And there is a strong rumour that the production house may not operate after the movie release. And the financiers who have supported their previous movies are now forcing them to clear all their amounts before the movie release.

Several industry biggies like Dasari Narayana Rao and others have pitched in to ensure the movie proper release. But the amount that should be clear is going on increasing every hour. The movie already has three release dates and was postponed. Tickets were issued in advance for three times and were refunded.

At this moment, it is tentative to release on November 30th