Live Interval : Crazy Vennala Kishore

Comedian turned director Vennela Kishore’s first directorial Vennela 1½ had recently completed its censor formalities and the movie has received an A certificate. Vennela Kishore is known for crazy ideas. He is coming up with an unique concept called ‘live interval’ for his forthcoming film Vennela 1 ½. This is a make believe interval where the film runs even during the interval part of the film. The interval part consists of Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore being on the screen and giving company to the audiences who doesn’t go during interval part.

The run time of the film is said to be a little above 2hrs. Recently, Anil Sunkara, one of the producers of Dookudu had bought the entire movie rights and 14 Reels is distributing the movie on their own in majority of regions. Chaitanya Krishna and Monal Gajjar are playing the lead roles in the movie. Vennela 1½ will release on 21 September.