Trivikram tells Mahesh's secret

Mahesh Babu seems very pleasant and calm going all the times. But he too gets angry and loses his cool at times. What will Mahesh Babu do when he gets extremely angry? Does he utter cuss words and yell at the people who irked him? He simply says 'Choosukondayya' and it is the biggest 'bad word' he uses!

This secret was told by Trivikram in an interview. When Mahesh Babu says 'Choosukondayya' his staffs gets extremely offended as they feel that he has scolded them heavily. Trivikram is a good friend of Mahesh and he has made two films with him till now. The director has great respect towards the actor as he is very simple and down to earth.

Mahesh also pays for his staff and family if they accompany him to the outdoor shoots. Every penny that was spent on them will be deducted in Mahesh Babu's remuneration. Trivikram says that there is no other actor who cares so much about producers. Mahesh and Trivikram returned 40% of their remuneration to make sure that Khaleja completes and releases. But this hasn't been told by the superstar at any point. That is his greatness lauds Trivikram.