Dash Dash ended up in Trash..What next ??

Director Teja has taken a long break prior to Neeku Naaku Dash Dash. He expected his reentry to win him back his lost glory, but sadly Dash Dash ended up in Trash. When Teja took a long holiday he planned to make his reentry with a big film. He waited so long for Venkatesh dates and Savitri movie was launched too.

But Venkatesh backed out of it at the last minute as he had ample doubts on the subject. He did Bodyguard movie and Teja was forced to take up a project with newcomers. He started off NNDD without proper subject and we know the result. Now Teja blames Daggubati family as they shattered his dreams of striking back with a bang.

Teja is very outspoken and doesn't mind to go against anyone. As Suresh Babu didn't keep his promise to Teja, now the latter asks the former to set a project to get back on track. Suresh Babu too feels bad for Teja as he wasted two years hanging around Suresh Productions to make a film with Venky. Buzz says that Suresh promised Teja a film with Rana Daggubati as Venkatesh is too busy with other projects.