SMS fame Sudheer Babu's 8 Pack !!

Mahesh Babu has got his own brand when it comes to his films and their impact at the boxoffice. And he has never relied on his physique to impress the audience. However, given today’s demand, the hero is expected to be physically fit and flaunt the muscles wherever required.

That is something Mahesh’s bava Sudheer Babu has realized and his efforts have shocked even actor Sunil. Apparently, Sunil was being hailed for his fabulous body and his chiseled abs. It was a shock to see him in ‘Poola Rangadu’. However, it is heard that Sunil himself is in a state of shock looking at Sudheer.

Well, Sudheer has slogged it out at the gym and has pumped himself up to build a fantasticphysique. Recently, few stills were released wherein his eight-packs were revealed and the veins are simply waiting to jut out of the body. If Sudheer can deliver a performance like Sunil then he sure would become a tough competition