Nitya Apologies Prabhas

Nitya Menon was tensed about the chief guest who was all set to attend the 100 days function of her latest Telugu movie Ishq with Nithin because it was none other than Prabhas. Even though it was the success of her movie that she was celebrating, heroine of Ishq had other concerns like the damaging statement she gave a while ago that she was not aware of any Telugu actor named Prabhas.

After meeting Prabhas in the 100 days function of her movie Ishq she personally seems to have conveyed her being sorry about the statement after receiving the shield from Prabhas himself. She also has explained that she only gave that statement since she was irritated by the media and also even though she gave a different statement media has made a twist to this and made hugely out of nothing.

Prabhas who usually is down to earth person did not take this situation much into consideration and even said that it is okay. He further explained that he does not mind even if she does not know him because he understands that she is not from within Andhra Pradesh and since she is from another state does not really mind all that.