Bhrami vs MS

One of the key reasons for Tollywood's success has been the strength of comedians in almost every movie. Today, every big hero movie has a parallel track of a comedian. One man who is mandatory for such roles is Brahmanandam. He has been the undisputed king of comedy in Telugu cine circuit.

However, he seems to be getting a tough competition from yet another talented artist. That is M S Narayana. The buzz from filmnagar circuit is that just like Brahmi, even MS is now being considered for full length comedy roles on par with the protagonists. Many say his role was quite crucial for the success of 'Dookudu'.

But the other version is that Brahmi has been very strong in the crowd pull factor while MS has an amazing sense of comic timing and possesses real talent for humour. For now, Brahmi has been few steps ahead but it may not be long before M S will catch up. What are your thoughts on this folks?