Ali's Vulgar Joke On Puri's Pokiri Girl

Sense of humour is always required in filmy parties and events, otherwise they make everyone bore. But if the humour goes overboard, then the jokes will turn nasty, irking the neighbours.

During the audio release function of 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu', star comedian Ali has blasted one such joke. It is on sexy bad-girl of Puri Jagan's 'Pokiri', Jyothi Rana. Apparently, this beauty has turned up to the event in a sizzling top and a wrapped skirt that shows most of her thigh. Commenting on the attire, Ali stated that she is not aware of the function and hence wrapped a bed sheet around her waist as she came to stage directly from bed. Indeed, most of the eligible glamour lovers are able to read something else in these lines.

With other ladies like pretty hot Ileana, Puri's daughter Pavitra and homely anchor Suma on-stage, many people controlled their laugh. But Ali's joke is pushed into the category of vulgarity for that erratic comment.