Adventurous Anushka !!

Anushka still is in number one position among the heroines down in Tamil film industry where several directors and heroes are still awaiting to get dates from this heroine. As per the craze she now has she also is showing her dedication which has been attracting several film makers.

Recently for a movie Alex Pandyan Anushka is supposed to hang down from a helicopter for certain scenes but since they are very risky the director did not want Anushka to personally work on these stunts. Hence he has chosen to use a dupe to work on all these action scenes in place of Anushka to which she has not given her acceptance.

Anushka has stated that when two crores are being invested only for these actions she personally wanted to do them so that these scenes will come out really well exactly the worth they are. She did not listen to anyway who has advised her to not do these stunts all by herself. These scenes seem to have come out really well due to the dedication of Anushka to do these stunts all by herself.

This movie has Karthi as male lead which will be released later in Telugu with the title Bad Boy, with this dedication of Anushka Director Sooraj has praised her taking her to heights.