Puri as Ganga in Pawans Film ??

Ace director Puri Jagannadh is back into riveting action after the success of BUSINESSMAN. All over Film Nagar, the talk is about CAMERAMAN GANGATHO RAMBABU at the moment.

From the day the title was announced, everybody is eager to know about the guy/girl essaying the role of GANGA. Though there was no clear cut information from the insiders, gossips have done their job all these days. More than a guy, fans are delighting themselves to see a hot-lady in that 'cameraman' role. Off course, then the movie's title will be 'Camera-woman Gangatho Rambabu'! But, here is an interesting twist to the pouncing gossips. According to grapevine, the man none other than 'Puri' is going to play the role of this 'Ganga'.

A crew member stated, 'Puri sir is keen on playing the role of an electronic media journalist in the movie. We have to wait till the shooting starts whether it is 'Ganga' role or something else he acts in'. Recently, we have seen his cameo in BUSINESSMAN as a Taxi Driver who kidnaps the heroine. Let us see if this 'taxi driver' becomes 'cameraman' or not!