Trisha opting for a skin surgery

The petite starlet Trisha has been part of the cine industry since more than a decade and this is something unusually longer for a top league heroine. However, despite all that, Trisha is still bagging some plum projects. Recently, she was seen in ‘Bodyguard’ and many were in for a surprise.

Apparently, they failed to understand how Trisha could get such a glowing skin and fabulous body. Now, it is heard that Trisha is going in for a skin surgery. Incidentally, buzz is that Trisha is keen on getting the tattoo on her cleavage removed. This is purely for variety and also to regain publicity and popularity.

Friends of Trisha reveal that she is getting bored of the same tattoo and the skin surgery will help. At the same time, she is also determined to wipe the talk that she has become old and wants to come up with a fresh and glowing avatar. If this is true then let us hope that the skin surgery turns out successful on Trisha.