Title for Allari Naresh or Pawan ?

When the announcement was made about Puri Jagannadh teaming up with Pawan Kalyan for a new film, the excitement and cheer was crazy.
However, all that has fizzled out after Puri has announced the title. This is especially in the camp of Pawan Kalyan fans and it is heard that they are angry with Puri.

Apparently, the film has been titled as ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’. Now, the point of Pawan fans is when Puri can give powerful titles like 'Pokiri', 'Businessman' for Mahesh Babu, why did he give some odd and ‘Chillar’ title to Pawan. Pawan fans feeling that this title will be best suitable for Allari Naresh.

Going by the title, it is obvious that Rambabu would be Pawan’s screen name and this is not going too well with the power star fans. Maybe Puri should come up with a strong explanation for choosing such a title or the story should do maximum justice to Pawan’s character. Let us see what happens.