Poolarangadu is Hot !

Though it has been a while since it is made, the film ‘Poolarangadu’ has been garnering a lot of expectation and excitement from the cine folks and audiences. Now, it is heard that the film has got a special feast. There are some tempting hot scenes in the film, thanks to the leading lady Isha Chawla.

Sources say it is due to these hot hot scenes and that’s why the film has been given a U/A certificate. On the other hand, whenever a film gets a ‘U’ certificate, 7% entertainment tax has to be paid and if it is a ‘U/A’ then the entertainment tax to be paid is 14%. While the figures are indeed a high cost for the makers, they have no choice.

But right now, with the buzz about Isha flaunting her delicious beauty, the makers are hopeful that the B, C centre audience will make the most of it. ‘Poolarangadu’ is releasing on February 18th and many are also waiting eagerly to see the six-pack body of Sunil. The film is directed by Veerabhadram Chowdary.