Kolaveri now in Telugu mama

The viral hit ‘Why This Kolaveri Di..’ and its impact on millions across the world doesn’t need an introduction. The mania still continues and the man who rendered the voice for the song is Kollywood actor Dhanush. Now, it is heard that Dhanush is all set to render the same track in Telugu version too.

Apparently, ‘Kolaveri Di..’ is a song from the yet to be released Tamil film ‘3’ and now it is heard that this is coming in Telugu and Hindi to cash in on the ‘Kolaveri’ craze. For this, reports from Chennai say Dhanush is preparing to sing the soup song in Telugu.

The lines in the Telugu version go… ‘Champamaku champamaku champamaku champamakamma….’. It has always been that the Kollywood folks have easily picked up Telugu language so many are expecting this Telugu version of ‘Kolaveri Di’ to gain atleast half the success of the original. What a changeover Mama!!