Business Man ka Business Plot

Team HelloTolly brings you the exclusive story plot of Business Man #

Movie starts with Puri's voice over regarding the decline Donism era and growth in Political era.He also mentions Politics with don power !!!

Mahesh introduction is when he gets down from train with Theme music (just Background music).He is received by Bhramaji(Mahesh's friend living in mumbai).Mahesh stays with Bhramaji and Dharmavarapu in Mumbai and later says "mumbai nee yeladaniki ochanu"

He prepares a list of all 'galli' rowdy's, Bribe some of them,Fight with some of them and deal others thus creating his own Gang..."Amachi Mumbai..."

Now comes love angle of this business man,Mahesh meets kajal at railway station and immediately propeses her,she regrets roughly..."Pilla Chao..."

Kajal's dad is Nazar who is a police inspector

Mahesh realizes that donism era in mumbai is subtle so attacks politicians...Prakash raj is ruling party MLA and Sivaji Shinde in opposition party..Mahesh warns both of them...


Post interval is all how surya(Mahesh) captures all areas and takes into his custody,How he manages both politicians...and turn into a Don

**Twist = Climax** per sources,Movie is going to be a Box Office Hit in 2012,But the question is will this be a Industry hit,well lets wait and see

Source : Prasad Labs Technician

# - Sources are credible