Why this Kolaveri Di ?

The viral rage of the time, Why this kolaveri di, written and sung by Dhanush for his upcoming movie 3 has achieved another feat.
The song has been listed by YouTube under 'Recently Most Popular (Gold)' videos.
The description in the video sharing website says, "The Recently Most Popular Medal is given to videos which have had high engagement over the past 7 days, including views, likes, etc."

Entertainment industry tracker Sreedhar Pillai tweeted the news to Dhanush, composer of the song Anirudh Ravichander and Aishwarya Dhanush, who is the director of the movie, congratulating them.
It was on Monday that Dhanush visited Amitabh Bachchan at his residence in Mumbai and sought his blessings after Bachchan admitting himself as a kolaveri fan. Big B was so impressed with Dhanush's humble behaviour and expressed it in his tweet.
Ever since the launch of the video online, it has been creating waves not just across the nation, but the globe. The video has already crossed 1.6 crore views in YouTube and counting.
Looks like there is no end to this Kolaveri anytime soon.

Moreover on comparison ‘Charlie bit my finger…’ was uploaded in 2007 and is currently in the mark of 39 crore hits. And ‘Kolaveri Di…’ was uploaded two weeks ago and it has already crossed the 1 crore mark. As such, the ‘Charlie bit….’ song is not seasonal, it is a live video and many parents keep showing it to their kids.
But ‘Kolaveri di…’ is for youth and that’s why the response and hits have been growing fast. While ‘Charlie…’ had no language barrier since it is English, it remains to be seen if ‘Kolaveri di..’ will cross it. The general opinion is Indians are little crazy when it comes to such songs and so their frenzy might take the song beyond ‘Charlie…’