Richa has a whole new world

Rana’s heroine in ‘Leader’, Richa Gangopadyaya was caught red handed in Chennai. Indeed, that was in the issue of her boy friend Sudhakar. Well, who is this guy? He is a fashion photographer by profession and later played a role in Tamil film Mayakkam Enna with Richa as lover. They became close from then and seen moving close and cozy as per Chennai reports. Sudhakar became very possessive of her and is accompanying her every corner. When the production team of another film went to airport to pick her up, she denied them and got into the car of Sudhakar, says a source. She is also seen getting into ‘comfort zone’ with him not minding the situations around.

Adding to that, a couple of days ago she made ruckus at the Rain Tree Hotel in Chennai where the hotel authorities did not allow Sudhakar into Richa’s room. As that’s a single occupancy room, the hotel authorities made their point clear in not allowing another person with her for the night. The actress got red with anger and developed strife with hotel authorities. She said to the receptionist that he came to repair her lap top. Then the hotel authorities asked her to make him sit in lobby and repair.
The actress vacated the room immediately and shifted to The Accord Metropolitan Hotel. Well, Sudhakar might have repaired her LAP TOP there!!