Mahesh as Junior at College

Mahesh Babu is the prince of Tollywood and is almost a demigod to the youth and masses. However, there was a time when he was a regular kid on the block. This was during his student days and recently, some of his seniors got to share some interesting secrets about Mahesh.

“Mahesh was our junior in St. Bedes Higher Secondary, Chennai. At that point, we knew that he was the son of a Telugu hero. But since we were seniors though he tried to make friends with us and was approaching us, we took him a bit light. Even those days, Mahesh used to speak less but he used to make sense when he talks.”
They added “We used to eye girls from our neighbouring school Rosary Convent but Mahesh used to come, attend school, go back. Of course, his attempts at being friends with us didn’t stop. Those days, we thought ‘what this fellow simply chasing us’ and today we regret not being friends with him. We don’t even know if Mahesh will recognise us if he sees us but we are happy for his success.”