Kaahani Vidya ki

Talented sultry actress vidya balan has shown versatility in selection of films all the way in her entire career. As ‘Dirty Picture’ can’t play anything more dirt with her image, now she is on cloud nine enjoying the superb success. The sucking skin show and erotic mannerisms exhibited by Vidya in ‘Dirty Picture’ haven’t disappeared from our wildest of imaginations, now she is all set to transform into a Pregnant lady for next flick titled as ‘Kahaani.’

Yes, Vidya will play the role of a pregnant lady. Although any official information on the film hasn’t come out while the actual release date scheduled for ‘Kahaani’ is March 9, 2012. This will be a different outing for Vidya in direction of Sujoy Ghosh as this pregnant woman goes in search of her missing husband inspired from Hollywood blockbuster ‘Kill Bill.’ By the time euphoria around ‘Dirty Picture’ ends, Vidya gets ready to give darshan in all new non-glamorous avatar.