UTV buys Chetan ‘Revolution 2020’

It looks like every other ‘Chetan Bhagat’ film is meant for a screen adaption. First it was his debut novel ‘Five Point Someone’ that was adapted for a film and was made as ‘3 Idiots’. Then it was reported that filmmaker cum actor Farhan Akthar was considering of buying the rights of his book ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’ and his book ‘2 States’ too was announced to be made into a film first with Shah rukh khan and now with Ranabir Kapoor in lead. However with his latest book ‘Revolution 2020’ already on its way of being declared as a ‘bestseller’ has been bought to be made into a film by the renowned banner UTV. The coveted production house has bought the rights of the film and will soon announce a film that will be based on the novel’s modern age love triangle. They revealed that they had read the book before the release as they were in talks with the highly acclaimed author since quite some time now.