No one can match Akshay in core fitness: John

In many of the past Interviews and press conferences starting from 'Force' John Abraham has been praising Akshay Kumar for his fitness. We are not sure if this is because of his true admiration for Akshay's fitness or to keep his co-star happy. Rumout has it that John's comments are targeted at some of the senior stars in the Industry who carries the tag of the fittest with whom John dosent share a good rapport. But we refuse to beleive that, whatever the case may be we did ask John for his version once again probably for the last time.

John says "In terms of a person having functional and core fitness I dont think anybody can come close to Akshay in our Industry. If there is a 1 to 10 score for fitness  then he is number 11. I say that not because he is sitting next to me, I have always maintained that."

John Continues "From the start he is a true blue action guy, he is a true fit person and his level of fitness is very holistic, it has got nothing to do with just weight training. He understands a good lifestyle and that's how he leads it."

Akshay who was sititng next to John while he was praising him had a mix expression of pride and embrassment but ultimately we are sure Akshay is happy for the recognition he is getting from his macho co-star.