Nagarjuna, RGV coming together for Ramayanam

Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma will soon be seen working together after a long time. The film will be based on Ramayan in contemporary style titled RAMAYANAM. Nagarjuna will be playing the role of Raavan in the film.
The film is about the rivalry between two companies named Ayodhya Group of Industries and Lanka Group of industries.
Both Nagarjuna and RGV has recently shown interest in doing movies on Hindu mythology. They last time they were seen together was in GOVINDHA GOVINDHA in 1993. They have earlier done two more films SHIVA and ANTHAM.
It will be interesting to watch RGV's modern adaptation of the mythology and lets hope it dosent turn out to be another 'RGV ki Aag'.