John one of the most charming co-stars: Deepika

Deepika is clearly impressed with John with whom she has worked on the movie Desi Boyz. Its her first time acting with the handsome hunk and considers him as one of the most charming co-stars she has ever worked with.
When asked about her experience working with John in ''Desi Boyz' Deepika said "I keep saying this in every interview, I think he is one of the most charming co-stars. He likes making people around him happy." We wonder whether Bipasha would agree with Deepika on this.
Deepika continues ""I am not talking about myself, I am talking about the entire unit. We were shooting in very difficult whether conditions, it was freezing on the sets while were shooting and he just makes sure that everyone is OK and everyone is happy. He is always feeding people with healthy food, Sushi and Protein bars. And he has great enthusiasm and he is fun to work with."