Anand Ranga's Poga

Remember Siddarth's Oye???

Well here is a update from the most controversial director (definitely not a media hype) Anand Ranga.

Anand Ranga who directed Oye which is a sort of average film of 2009 is back to catch the mega phone after 3 years.Though many people don't know about this but its a well known fact in TFI that Anand Ranga worked as asst. director for Orange even though he has directed Oye(Well settled).Bommarillu Bhaskar(Orange director) and Anand Ranga are good friends and its said that 3 songs from orange were directed by anand ranga.Presently Anand Ranga is directing a film which is tentatively titled "Poga".Here's the first look of Poga