I had to make sure that I had my life sorted: Aysha Takia

The Complan ad girl has come a along way to becoming an actress. The self-proclaimed spoilt girl, who lives in a bubble Aysha Takia says how it all started with the Ad film. "That was by sheer chance. The director of the ad film was my father's friend, so when the main girl for the ad didn't show up, he begged my dad to send me. There's been no looking back since," she recounted. 

At the tender age of 23, right before the release of one of her biggest films, Wanted, Ayesha shocked (and disappointed) many by getting married. "I don't know why people say you can't have a career and a marriage. Farhan and I loved each other so I didn't see why it wouldn't work," said Mrs Azmi. 
"I had been working for ten years and though I love films, I needed a break. Everyone should do more than one thing so that life becomes more fulfilling. I knew that my shelf life is limited; someone else would soon take my place. I had to make sure that I had my life sorted." 

But despite the glamour and the fun she had between the words 'action' and 'cut', she wanted more. "I didn't like waking up at 5 am and taking three hours put on make-up. Now, I'm enjoying life."