The Business Man Story Line


Maheshbabu is now all set to create another record with his Businessman. He will be seen as gangster in his next movie “The Business Man” with Puri Jagannath with a tagline as “Guns don’t need Argeements”.
Runningpen collects some points of the story of the upcoming movie “The Business Man” and from those the story what we have known is this movie is about the underworld in Mumbai. “As in these days the underworld has been down due to various reasons. As many underworld dons like Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Shakeel and Chota Rajan have been silent since few years as they are not showing any moments. In this tie of recession in underworld all the business entrepreneurs are planning to go back to Mumbai and wants to establish their business there.
But one South Indian entrepreneur has been observing all the changes that are happening in the underworld and he decided to start his business which is crime. He has researched about all the data and the information about the various dons in the mafia and underworld and landed in Mumbai with a goal to become the biggest gangster ever. He believes that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, all we have a deals and everyone lives their lives with deals. He strongly feels that Crime should be also treated as any other business.”. 

Puri Jagannath is planning to make this movie a trilingual movie which will be released in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. He wants to show this movie in a complete dimension just like the movies Satya, Company etc. Well, this haven't been officially announced but of this is the story well we can say Tollywood directors are trying something new and we will get to see Mahesh in totally complete dimension.

PFDB Sources