Remakes should be made: Genelia

Genelia is a known face in Bollywood as well as South. She is one such actress who dosent boast about her pan India popularity and dosent give up south roles to concentrate on Bollywood. A good example for the young generation of actresses who loose focus and grounds in the process of moving from one industry to the other.  She is also  known as the queen of remakes due to the sheer number of remakes she has done in the past in south. 

"I believe that irrespective of whether changes are made to the script or not, remakes should be made. Some of the best romantic flicks are made in the south. So, if there is a good story and it deserves to be told to a wider audience, it should be told again," says Genelia. 
But isn't she worried that comparisons will abound, especially in the south, where she is also a big player? "Comparisons will be made, but I am not unduly worried. I have seen the original version of "Force" and think that Jyothika's character was most beautifully-etched. I only hope that my role in the remake can live up to the image Jyothika has created in people's minds," says Genelia.