"Upasana is my soulmate,” says Charan

It is evident that Ram Charan will soon enter wed-lock with his long time girl friend Upasana Kamineni. Finally, the Mega Power Star has spoken about Upasana Kamineni saying he found her to be ideal life partner. “Upasana is my soulmate,” says Charan.
He further says he was floored by her philanthropic activities and her love for human beings and animals.
Earlier, there has been reports in media that the two are seeing each other and Ram Charan confessed that he denied such reports by saying they were just friends.
"We don't want to hurt our parents and we decided to disclose the news after getting nod from our both families. We informed our parents seven months back and they have agreed. I'm ready to step into new phase of my life," said the actor.
While the engagement is expected to take place in the month of December, the wedding will be held in 2012 as grandeur.