Naga Babu planning Varun Tej, Jhanvi Movie

Telugu cinema producer K Naga Babu seems to be planning for a movie with his Varun Tej and Sridevi'a daughter Jhanvi Kapoor. Sources close to the producer say that Naga Babu is planning to launch his son Varun Tej and Jhanvi Kapoor with the same movie. Apparently, Naga Babu was impressed with Sridevi'a daughter Jhanvi Kapoor's pictures where he saw her in the recently concluded CCL matches. He thought that Jhanvi has everything to be a glamorous actress like her mother Sridevi and started to plan the project.

Further, Nagababu is also planning to rope in a big director for this Varun Tej and Jhanvi movie. Boney Kapoor is also showing interest in launching his daughter through a Telugu movie. SO let's see when this Varun Tej and Jhanvi movie would launched, if any.