Mahesh hurries Srinu to complete Dookudu.

It might be surprising to hear that a person like Srinu Vytla is made a tortoise by Prince Mahesh with one project ‘Dookudu.’ Track record of Srinu shows that he is very fast in completing any big movie in less than one year of time or he may even go for two in a year depending upon speed of the shooting,star value and production days attached. The delay happening with ‘Dookudu’ has many causes yet Mahesh is obviously made the scapegoat.

An inner source attached to ‘Dookudu’ confirm that more than anyone else, it is Mahesh Babu pushing Srinu for immediate wrap up of the film without wasting a single second.They are now shooting the climax scenes. If the audio of this film will hit the centres in last weeks of this month, we might have a chance of Prince darshana bhagyam on screen in the next month. Of course this is an optimistic opinion shared by a ‘Dookudu’ unit member. Rest is left in the hands of Mahesh alone.