Big B in Rajini's Rana?

Super Star rajinikanth is to land in Chennai and shooting of his most anticipated project ‘Rana’ will also begin with in this month. If sources from Kollywood are believed, Rajini is personally interfering for the first time in matters of cast and crew but in sync with director. The excitement from Rajini is justifiable given his ill health being the reason for delay in project.

He is to turn this project into a milestone in career of KS Ravi Kumar. After a series of discussions both hero and director are heard to have picked Prakashraj for a key role in this flick. In the meantime before Rajini arrives in India, KS Ravi Kumar is busy winding up horse riding scenes in the movie with a dupe of rajinikanth. Even there is a version in Tamil Nadu about Big B agreed to do a cameo in ‘Rana.’ For now, just treat this as a rumor till it gets official.