Anushka signs up for a heroine-centric film 'Rampachodavaram'

Actress Anushka Shetty has signed up a new heroine-oriented film titled as Rampachodavaram. The film is touted to be a period drama and will take shape in the hands of critical-acclaimed director Chaitanya Dantaluri of Baanam fame. Konda Krishnam Raju will produce the movie.This producer has already produced 2 films earlier,those are 'Vijayendra Varma' with Bala Krishna and 'Sri RamaDasu' with Nagarjuna.

Rampachodavaram is a drama about guerrilla that revolts against British Empire, which happened in 1930’s. Anushka is said to have impressed with the Bharavi script and given her nod to do the film. Mani Sharma is going to compose the music for this film. The major part of the film will be shot in Coorg in Karnataka.

Rampachodavaram will be made tri-lingually in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions.